Ideas For Renewing Your Marriage Vows

Whether you have been married for 5 years or 50 years, renewing your marriage vows is a special way to celebrate your marriage and to reaffirm your commitment.

Usually done on a beach or in a casual location for renewal ceremonies, the vows are a reaffirmation and follow much the same style as the original wedding ceremony.

If you are looking to renew your marriage vows, here are a few common questions from married couples looking to renew their vows.

How soon should you renew your vows?

While it is a personal choice, you can renew your vows anytime after your wedding - every year if you like! Usually reserved for bigger wedding anniversaries such as a 10 and 20 years, wedding vow renewals are a special way to rekindle and revisit your vows and pledge your love for your partner.

Who can come along?

Anyone can come along to a wedding vow renewal; it's just the same as a wedding and if you have the ability you can host a celebration afterward to commemorate your milestone. While people may not bring along presents and there may not be the same amount of planning for a wedding vow renewal, you can literally invite along who ever you like - whether it just be you and your children or a big group of family and friends at a destination-style vow renewal.

Is it legal to renew our vows?

Absolutely, the renewal ceremony is just like the original wedding ceremony and is officiated by a legally binding celebrant, judge or clergy. In the planning process you can decide the style of ceremony and even write your vows for your ceremony too.

Do I need to send invites?

Just like you would invite people along to any celebration, consider creating an invitation to send to friends and family you want to come along to your wedding. If you want to keep it a small affair a phone call might suffice, however giving your guests plenty of notice will ensure everyone you care about can make it to your marriage vow renewal ceremony.

Do I have to wear a wedding dress?

No, you can wear whatever you like to your vow renewal. If you can squeeze into your original dress and you are keen to wear it by all means, however usually vow renewals are a far more relaxed affair, and married couples can wear whatever they are comfortable in be it a cocktail dress, sundress or smart casual clothes based on the location. You can even wear a bikini if you're holding your renewals beachside!

Do I hold a wedding reception?

Whether you hold a wedding reception for your renewal of marriage vows or not is totally up to you. If you so have all your nearest and dearest in one central location, it could be a great opportunity to host a function and arrange food, drinks and some live music, at the end of the day whether you hold a wedding reception will come down to the number of guests you invite and your budget.

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