Ellen Mixon

Managing Partner | Owner

Greetings! I’m Ellen.

For over forty-four years, I’ve been “practicing” being married to my husband, Richard.

Practice doesn’t always make perfect, but it’s still good to set lofty goals.

We’ve a great story about what it takes to come full circle to a relationship that is filled with love and mutual fulfillment.

I was an early childhood education professional (this also came in handy working with my husband), and I retired and moved to the lake in 1999.

After teaching, bookkeeping for our other business was thrust upon me for many years before reaching the age of actual retirement.

The two of us then decided that we would fulfill another dream and open a wedding/event venue.

Two children and seven grandchildren call me ‘Honey’.

Our oldest grandson has graduated from college, but I feel as though my life is just getting started.

I intend to squeeze as much joy out of it as possible.

My nickname has been ‘Sweet Ellen’ since college days, although I have yet to understand why.

I have come to fully embrace my role as the “beautifier” as we set out on the journey to impart something great about love and commitment to young brides and grooms.

As I beautify our surroundings at River Rest Weddings, my goal is to sow beauty into each couple that chooses to begin their lives together here.

Hopefully, the venue reflects who we are and our mission to spread the love.

The gardens and venue décor are truly a joy to tend.

At the same time, I am grateful for the opportunity to “tend” the gardens of young souls setting out on a beautiful new journey of their own.

I look forward to meeting you!

Yours truly,


It takes time for a fine wine to develop that full flavor, and so does marriage.
— Ellen Mixon