Choosing Your Wedding Ceremony Venue in Alabama

You're engaged and now it's time to get started planning the wedding and choosing the perfect venue, ceremony, dress, cake and photographer. The to-do list is seemingly endless, yet there are a few crucial elements that will shape the entire wedding celebration.

One of the most crucial elements of a wedding is the ceremony; it's essentially the main reason for the wedding taking place in the first place.

While the after party and the hunt for the big white dress might be taking up a lot of your time, choosing a ceremony venue and taking the necessary time to make sure the official part of your day is planned perfectly should be a big priority in your wedding planning.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing your wedding ceremony venue in Alabama:

Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies

While they offer a tremendous array of stunning vistas and the ability to have a ceremony in the beautiful outdoors free from stuffy churches and cramped spaces, an outdoor wedding ceremony also has to be well thought out and highly considered to ensure it is suitable for your big day.

If you love the idea of an outdoor wedding ceremony you will need to have a backup plan should there be high winds or rain, so always ensure whatever venue you're looking at has a secondary option in the event of weather affecting the ability for your ceremony to take place.

A wedding ceremony can be anywhere from 15 minutes to over an hour long, so ensuring your venue for your ceremony is comfortable for all ages and abilities is the key so everyone can enjoy being present at your ceremony.

The time of day should be a consideration for any outdoor wedding ceremonies as the light will affect the photographs and also ensure your ceremony space is safe to walk to and from and too hot or cold for guests. Often having a ceremony in the late afternoon, so that photos can be taken at sunset is a popular option, so it's best to discuss the options with your venue and also the photographer to get an idea of when the light is best for your outdoor ceremony. You can also check the sunset times online to get an approximate idea of when the sun will set on your wedding day.

Indoor Wedding Ceremonies

Indoor wedding ceremonies provide less natural beauty in some cases, however if you can find a ceremony venue with plenty of glass and light it could be a good option for brides and grooms looking to find a all weather option for their ceremony.

Whether there is rain, hail or sunshine, an indoor wedding ceremony venue is a great option and can take the stress of the bride and groom on their wedding day. While most people say it's good luck for it to rain on you wedding day, you really don't want your wedding party and guests exposed to bad weather.

Consider the light and time of day for indoor ceremonies, particularly if you have a ceremony venue with glass walls or big windows, as this will provide a romantic effect during your ceremony. Also consider if you are getting married in a church if there is room for all of your guests as well as photographers and videographers as this may be a deal breaker when you are searching for ceremony venues.

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