Outdoor Wedding Venue - Hints and Tips For Your Special Day

One of the greatest things about an outdoor wedding is being able to experience the joy of your special day in the outdoors while being surrounded by your friends and family.

Outdoor wedding venues are a wonderful way to create a casual and relaxed environment and make a special occasion that is accessible for all ages.

While it may be a beautiful and unique option for your wedding venue, you will need to keep in mind that there are some added considerations when planning an outdoor wedding celebration so planning and preparing may be a little more involved, however the end result will be more than worth the work.

If you're about to start planning your wedding and have dreams of a outdoor venue be sure to consider the following tips to ensure you have the perfect wedding experience.

Find a location that has a permit

Using a location that you are allowed to use by law will enable to you plan ahead and know that there won't be anyone else allocated to your particular venue space on the day of your wedding. Whether you need to apply for council permits for your venue to be set up or you end up choosing a venue that is set on a private property, make sure you have all the necessary permissions in place so you can rest assured your venue will be available and you won't have any issues on the day of your wedding.

Find a date or time of year when there is the highest chance of sunshine

While it's impossible to guarantee sunshine on the day of your wedding, you can choose a date that has the highest likelihood of sunshine or at least weather that your guests will be comfortable in during the outdoor event. If you are going to hold your ceremony and reception outside or if you're considering just holding your ceremony only outside, make sure you choose a time of year that is comfortable for your guests. If it is a little cooler provide blankets for guests or if it is hot provide water. Alternatively, providing a marquee for outdoor venues is a great option for offering shelter and a covered area if the weather is a little unpredictable.

Create an arbor or focal point for guests

If you are holding an outdoor ceremony in a lakeside or waterfront location or even a garden, create a focal point such as an arbor with flowers and seating so guests can see where the ceremony will be held. Creating a natural archway is a stunning option and will create a beautiful backdrop for photos and will contrast your location.

Use your surroundings for decorations

If your wedding venue is based in an outdoor location, such as a marquee or even a garden you can use the surround area as part of your decorations. Flowers, lanterns, torches, flags and lights will add stunning decorative charm to any venue and are far cheaper than spend thousands on decking out an indoor venue.

Arrange a microphone and speaker

While being outdoors is magical, when you're arranging your wedding venue it is important to include a microphone and speaker as part of the set up. Being outside may be stunning however wind or general outdoor noise will limit the ability to be heard when you have a whole wedding party of friends and family getting festive. A speaker and microphone are perfect for during the ceremony, speeches and any announcements during the wedding celebration.

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