Wedding Ideas to Make Your Big Day Unique


If you've been to a few wedding, you'll probably be aware that some weddings can seem a little cookie cutter and if you want to make your upcoming wedding a stand out you'll need to consider incorporating a few unique ideas to make your big day a little different.

In the interests creating a distinctive impression and standing out, we've put together some great ideas to make your wedding just that little be special.

Create a lounge where guests can relax

Sometimes being on your feet for the entire day of the wedding can be a little tiring for your guests and creating a special lounge area adds a beautiful and bespoke touch to your celebration and creates a VIP vibe. Lounges can be brought outside to outdoor wedding venues under marquees, under tree canopies or added to reception spaces as needed and you can add some floral arrangements and a few side tables for the super relaxed feel.

Arrange guest transportation

If you're having a wedding in a unique location that is a little out of town or not near your reception you can arrange guest transportation such as buses or shuttles to take guests to and from your venue safely. This way you won't have any guests getting lost, and you will be able to get everyone in the mood when they are being transported to and from your location.

Serve pre-ceremony cocktails or refreshments

Everyone loves a cocktail or a glass of champagne to get into the swing of things and offering refreshments pre-ceremony is a wonderful way of getting everyone into the festive spirit. You can arrange for ushers to hand out drinks upon arrival or offer a drink once the ceremony has completed so all the guests can toast the newly married couple as soon as the ceremony is complete.

Create unique wedding favors

Traditionally wedding favors or bomboniere were given to guests at a wedding as a sign of good luck for the wedded couple to represent their bond of love. Often in days gone by these favors were sugared or candied almonds presented in a tulle bag, however these days you can create more personalized wedding favors that suit the personality of the bride and groom. Whether you choose to create something that ties in with your wedding theme or something a little more comical, wedding favors are an excellent way to add a unique touch to your wedding day.

Create a guest book

Guest books are a wonderful way to capture the moment and provide the bride and groom with lasting memories from the day. Having a photo booth or Polaroid camera and a guest book at your ceremony or reception offers a fun and way for the bride and groom to create a keepsake from their special day.

Live music

Rather than a wedding DJ, if you have live musicians available to play at your wedding, it can often be a welcome and unique way to add some atmosphere to your celebration. Whether you have a single musician playing during the ceremony or a 4-piece band at the reception, live music allows for better interaction with your guests and sets the scene for a fun and lively celebration.

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