Finding The Perfect Small Wedding Venue For Your Big Day

If you're looking to have a small and intimate wedding celebration there are plenty of exciting options for your venue and ceremony that will provide a stunning experience for you and your guests.

Size really does matter when it comes to weddings and the smaller the guest list usually means more options for the bride and groom when it comes to finding a suitable location and somewhere a little special to celebrate their nuptials.

Small wedding venues and more exclusive guest lists allow for the bride and groom to spend more time with everyone, especially when guests have travelled from interstate or overseas and also provide a more relaxed and genuine environment without the crushing crowds.

Benefits of a small wedding venue include:

A smaller wedding budget

This is a definite plus and means if you have a smaller venue booked you can indulge a little bit more in the food and wine for your guests. Rather than having a set menu for 100 or 150 people (or more), the benefits of a smaller wedding mean you can serve a smaller amount of people a personalized experience.

One on one chats with your guests

We've all been to weddings with hundreds of people, but when you break it down the bride ad groom can only have mere minutes to spend with each and every guest, and even then often some brides and grooms won't even get around to see everyone at a wedding with a huge guest list. When you have a smaller wedding venue for your celebration you can treat guests well and add in extra features that wouldn't be possible if you held a wedding extravaganza.

Guests will notice the details

Smaller weddings mean that guests will usually be able to take the time to experience the smaller details from your big day such as the photos, the entertainment, the finer touches you may have worked on to make your big day truly unique. In big weddings with swarms of guests, the little things just aren't as well noticed when there are hoards of guests everywhere.

Limiting the guest list will remove unfamiliar faces

If your great aunt is not someone you need on your guest list or your brother's neighbor, remove them from the guest list. It is truly liberating to remove people from a wedding guest list and having a small venue or more intimate wedding celebration allows for this.

Destination weddings

Having a smaller guest list and a smaller venue allows for the possibility of a destination wedding, whether it be interstate, overseas or anywhere a little unique for that matter. Spend the days ahead of your wedding with your nearest and dearest relaxing and enjoying the surroundings of a resort or luxury accommodation and bring your guests on an extended wedding celebration experience so you can get a chance to really bond during the wedding week. Rather than a one-day affair, destination weddings are a wonderful way to celebrate your wedding with a smaller group of guests.

River Rest Weddings is the perfect wedding destination or small venue for brides and grooms looking for a unique wedding venue. Located on Lake Logan Martin, in a peaceful and secluded area close to Talladega, Alabama the resort & wedding venue offers everything you need for the perfect wedding celebration. The beautiful lakefront home has a private beach and overlooks two and a half miles of stunning lake, the perfect location for your outdoor wedding reception. Whether you're a local to Alabama or you're travelling from interstate, our small venue wedding is the perfect location for your big day.

Whether you set up your ceremony or reception amongst the trees, in a marquee or along the lake, River Rest Weddings features a range of options for your wedding celebration. The venue offers three living rooms for reception functions, five guest bedrooms, private golf carts for transporting the wedding party, a hot tub, and an entertainment den for the wedding after party or simply relaxing with your wedding guests.

Located less than an hours drive from Birmingham, Alabama and only two hours from Montgomery and Huntsville, the idyllic resort home is surrounded by three miles of delightful Alabama countryside and is the perfect location for a relaxing lakeside wedding reception and ceremony.

If you're in the process of planning your wedding and you're looking for the perfect small venue for your special day, look no further than the River Rest Weddings.

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